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Luzifer / archrepo

This repository contains the setup and tools to maintain my "private" Archlinux repository with AUR packages and packages I rely on which does not have a place in AUR. This setup is intended for my own use and uses a clean build environment for each package.

Warning: As I'm not a Trusted User and this is not an official Archlinux repository you probably don't want to use this repository directly - at last you don't know whether those packages were tempered with. If you do please keep it civilized: if you plan to use the repository in build causing high amounts of traffic or many machines please don't or at least create a mirror.


This repository contains four essential parts:

  • The scripts folder containing bash scripts to control all actions
  • The Makefile to orchestrate everything. The main functionality is the maintenance target (or just make)
  • The package lists (aur-packages and repo-urls)
  • The repo/luzifer.asc public key

It currently relies on my luzifer/arch-repo-builder docker image which does all of the building within a clean environment for each package.

For the initial setup you need to do some steps:

  • Adjust the Makefile as you need different download and upload targets
  • Create an empty database tar -cJf repo/luzifer.db.tar.xz -T /dev/null (adjust the filename)
  • Put the public key for your repo into repo/luzifer.asc (filename should match the database, makes it easier to find)
  • Set up your aur-packages and repo-urls package lists
    • aur-packages contains just names of AUR packages (no comments or other stuff!)
    • repo-urls contains one git repository URL per line (comments allowed)
  • Provide a docker daemon and all tools listed in the check_tools target of the Makefile

Afterwards you should be good to just make your first build. Depending on the number of packages you selected to be in your repo you might go and fetch dinner while it builds.


The repo should be updated on a regular base by just executing make on it. This will check for updates of the AUR packages specified in the aur-packages list and update them if their version is newer than the local one. Also it will check for new commits in the repos listed in repo-urls and build them if there are newer commits than those in the local cache.

Flaws / Remarks / TODOs

  • The whole build already strongly relies on Archlinux tools so will not run on any other distro
  • For aur-packages having dynamic pkgver calculation the update check will not work properly until the PKGBUILD in AUR is updated (those packages can be built manually using bash ./scripts/update-aur.sh <packagename> && make do_cleanup upload
  • For repo-urls the same applies: for example my vim-go-tools package relies on periodic re-builds which are not executed as commits are quite rare. For those packages at the moment a call to bash ./scripts/update-repo.sh <url> && make do_cleanup upload is required